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Human Resource Services strives to provide departments with a wide range of human resource interventions in order to ensure an employee operating environment comparable with best practice.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing efficient transactional services through a reduction of service delivery costs, improved turn-around times and productivity in:
    • Advertising, response-handling, pre-screening and the qualification checking of short-listed candidates
    • The accurate administration of Basic Conditions of Employment and Injury on Duty for all employees
    • The administration of all employee exits from the Gauteng Provincial Government, and
    • The provision of a one-stop administration service for all middle management and senior management employees.
  • Providing specialised and efficient consulting services to the departments of the Gauteng Provincial Government through:
    • The provision of expert advice on and support for the formulation of both organisational design, development, job evaluation, establishment administration and change management solutions
    • The provision of technical advice on and support for employee-based development solutions and the provision of learning and development interventions for the empowerment for and continued up-grading of talent in the province
    • The provision of top-flight labour relations training, support and advice
    • The implementation of effective employee wellness programmes for a healthy work environment, and
    • Human resource management information services, PERSAL report analysis and policy development.


The Human Resource Services business unit intends to continue to create a climate conducive to the effective portrayal of the Gauteng Provincial Government as a seamless state-of-the-art employer of choice within the Gauteng Provincial Government.

We will continue to benchmark our practices with like minded shared services functions in GCRs.

This will entail taking the Human Resource Services business unit to a new level by aggressively driving process improvements through the automation of services.

The human resource administration service sub-units will strive to broaden the service range where this supports provincial imperatives. These improvements will be implemented through the effective utilisation of automation initiatives, such as the roll-out of Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) within select departments. SAP and Human Capital Management (HCM) design processes will be utilised throughout all Gauteng Provincial Government departments.

Responding to customer demand, the Human Resource Services business unit will customise its services by ensuring:

  • That the professional job centre includes assistance as regards the preparation of curriculum vitae documents and pre-job interviews for entry-level candidates;
  • GEPF offices are opened within the Gauteng Provincial Government and that benefits behind co-location are maximised;
  • All Gauteng Provincial Government department staff benefit from pre-retirement workshops; and
  • An effective response to Injury on Duty, through the utilisation of an electronic Treatment Injury Link Tool (e-TILT).

The unit aims to improve its human resource administration by automating human resource mandates and other initiatives using Lava Systems.

The remuneration of personnel in human resource administration, Talent Attraction Services (TAS) and employee exits has been upgraded to assist in instilling this new direction. A minimum entry requirement of a degree/diploma is necessary for admission, while serving employees will continuously be encouraged to upgrade their qualifications.

This will ensure that we have depth in capacity to move into the next level of consulting.

The business unit will set out to aggressively position itself as the consulting power-house for organisational development, change management, labour relations, employee wellness and improving the Assessment Centre for Gauteng Provincial Government departments in the pilot phase.

A special focus will be applied to skills development within the Human Resource Services business unit, emphasising customer service skills, consulting behaviours and process management. Technical or job-specific competencies will remain a clear priority in terms of the Human Resource Services Development Plan.

It is intended to migrate the Learning and Development Service business unit to the Gauteng Global City Region Academy , under the auspices of the Gauteng Department of Education.

Another priority will be to improve relationships with clients by implementing the Stakeholder Management Strategy and so securing regular feedback from clients as a means of enhancing performance.

The business unit will tackle the implementation of phase three of the Employee Wellness Programme and the Assessment Centre pilot phase, in conjunction with the GSSC, OoP and Social Development as pilot sites.

The business unit will set out to create increased capacity and service offerings for organisational development and change, together with the development of a costing model for the Consulting Services sub-unit of the Human Resource Services business unit.

The launch of the Labour Relations Advice Centre and the roll-out of the Integrated Labour Relations Model seek to strengthen the investigations stream, together with an associate model, utilising enhanced research and knowledge management capabilities within a customer-centric consulting context.

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